Clients often wonder when they should contact us about their case. Claims can be pending for a long time at the Social Security Administration and you may wonder what is going on.  At a minimum, call us when one of these events happen:

  1.  You change your address or phone number
  2.  Whenever you get anything in writing from Social Security
  3.  If Social Security wants to schedule an exam for you
  4.  You see a new doctor
  5.  You are unhappy with one of your doctors
  6.  You return to work or are thinking about returning to work
  7.  You receive any money from Social Security
  8.  You are admitted to the hospital
  9.  You are having a problem with alcohol or drugs
  10.  You are arrested
  11.  You are getting calls from bill collectors

We encourage you to call anytime you have a question or concern.  Zimberlin Law LLC is here to help.

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