Are you disabled and unable to work?

We will represent you in your social security or SSI case. You do not need to be denied to be represented. Call us if you are thinking about applying for benefits. Navigating the social security bureaucracy can be a long and confusing process. Don’t do it alone. We take social security disability cases on contingency – there is no fee unless you win.

This office accepts cases involving both mental and physical disabilities. Mental disabilities are “hidden” disabilities. They are often not taken seriously by the Social Security Administration. Yet, you can win if you have a disabling mental impairment. Anxiety and depression are real illnesses. If they stop you from working, you should not hesitate to call Zimberlin Law LLC. It is important for Zimberlin Law LLC to be involved early in your case, to prevent mistakes from being made which could lead to an unfair denial.

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Social Security: Vital protection hidden in plain sight

Imagine, after working your entire adult life, you suffer a stroke. You suffer paralysis, you lose your ability to speak, and you have significantly impaired short- and long-term memory. Unable to work for the foreseeable future, you have no idea how you’re possibly going to support your family.

Now imagine the relief when you realize a program you’ve been paying into all your working years will help keep you and your family afloat.

That program is Social Security.

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