Claimants who apply for social security disability shouldn’t forget about Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a disability program that pays benefits to disabled people even if they have never worked. The disability rules are the same as for SSD, but the income, asset and work requirements are different. It is a benefit for low income people. The eligibility rules can be complicated – some assets count and some don’t. For example, you can own a house and a car and still be eligible for SSI. Even if you qualify for SSD benefits, don’t forget that there is a five month waiting period for SSD benefits to start. The Social Security Administration will determine a date of disability for you. Then there is a five month waiting period after that when you will not get SSD benefits. You may be eligible for SSI benefits for the five month waiting period. Because there are no retroactive SSI benefits allowed before the time you apply, you should apply as soon as possible after you become disabled. The law Office of Winona W. Zimberlin can help you determine if you are eligible for SSI.

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