When someone applies for Social Security Disability or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) they may also be entitled to other benefits based on disability. You may be entitled to food stamps or the State medical card. If you have lost your job and either did not have health insurance, or can’t afford COBRA, its time to look into getting a state medical card. Go to your nearest Connecticut Department of Social Services office to find out. It is important to get a medical card so you can start treating with your own doctors. Don’t count on Social Security to get doctors for you – you have to find them yourself.

The State of Connecticut also has a cash assistance program for disabled adults called SAGA. It does not provide much income (up to $212 a month), but its better than nothing. This is a benefit for people with low incomes.

You may have a short or long term disability plan through you last employer. Some people have coverage and don’t know it. Ask your company’s Human Resources department if you have coverage. If you do, get a copy of the plan and an application.

If you are in a union, your union may have a disability pension plan. If you are a State employee, the State of Connecticut also has a disability retirement plan.

The requirements of all these plans are different. Some cover mental/nervous conditions for only two years. Some will not pay you benefits unless you are already entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Don’t guess as to what’s covered and what isn’t. The Law Office of Winona W. Zimberlin can review your Plan and tell you what is covered.

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