Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing about the ten biggest mistakes people make when trying to get Social Security Disability or SSI:


Number One:

By far the biggest mistake people make is failing to appeal when they are denied by SSA. Unless you are sure you are able to return to work full time, it is always a mistake to fail to appeal. Remember, you have only 60 days to appeal (plus 5 days for mailing.) Don’t miss this deadline! I see a lot of people who get discouraged when they get the first denial. Don’t get discouraged. Just because SSA denies you one time does not mean you will not win. Don’t just file a new application. File an appeal. After you are denied the first time, this means filing a request for reconsideration.  After you are denied the second time, this means filing a request for hearing. Don’t get discouraged. Most people are denied at first. If my office is representing you, we will file the appeals.  If we are not representing you, just go to the nearest SSA office and tell them you want to appeal. They will help with the paperwork.


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