A mistake people make is thinking that thsy need to have worked in order to qualify for social security disability benefits. That’s not true! Even if you have never worked, you may still qualify for Disabled Adult Child (DAC) benefits. This is also called Childhood Disability Benefits (CDB). If you were disabled under age 22, and have a parent who is either deceased, disabled or retired, you may qualify. Your parent must have worked long enough to be insured for social security. Your benefits will be a percentage of your parent’s benefit amount. DAC benefits provide great peace of mind to parents who are concerned about what will become of their disabled child when they are gone. A person can make a DAC claim at any age. Many people do not apply for this benefit because they don’t know about it. It can be difficult to find medical records from before age 22 if a long time has gone by. There are other technical requirements you must meet. The Law office of Winona W. Zimberlin can help you decide if you qualify for DAC benefits.

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