In 2017, the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) entered into an agreement with the State of Connecticut. The purpose of that agreement was to assist in resolving the financial issues currently facing the State while preserving public services. This agreement REQUIRES that all current disability retirees apply for Social Security Disability. Future disability retirees shall be required to apply within two years of their receipt of State Disability retirement. No retiree may be penalized if not granted. A retiree may be requested to appeal a denial. No disability retiree who applies for Social Security Disability shall receive less in total benefits as a result of this provision.

There are many differences between the standards for State Disability retirement and Social Security Disability. More disabled state employees are eligible for state benefits than for Social Security Disability benefits. As a result, some disabled retirees never apply for Social Security Disability. This is understandable, because the requirements are so different. This new provision will require all disabled state retirees to apply for Social Security Disability, whether they have a reasonable chance of winning or not. There is no reason not to apply for Social Security Disability. If you are granted, it will save the State some money. If you are denied, you can still be eligible for State disability retirement. The State has contracted with a private company to assist retirees in applying for Social Security Disability. No retiree is required to use this company, or any company. We do not know what information this company will share with the State. You can apply yourself or hire an attorney. We do not charge a fee for your Social Security case unless you win your Social Security Disability case.

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