If you worked for the State of Connecticut and now find yourself disabled, you may eventually have to prove you are disabled in front of the Medical Examining Board (MEB) to claim early retirement benefits. Prior to a recent MEB procedure change, only a claimant was able to present their case in front of the MEB, even if they hired legal representation.  The presentation consisted of a three minute oral statement in front of the board. The MEB has recently made their process more claimant friendly. Currently, the claimant is able to choose whether they present their case or let their attorney speak.

Due to Ahern v. State Employees Ret. Comm’n, 48 Conn. App. 482, 710 A.2d 1366 (1998), there is still no right to judicial review if the MEB comes down with an unfavorable decision. The reasoning behind the Ahern decision is that since there is no statutory right to an MEB hearing, this is technically not a contested case and therefore, there is no right to judicial review under Connecticut law.

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