An employee of the State of Connecticut, who is disabled, can apply for a disability retirement. The employee must prove to the Medical Examining Board that he or she is disabled. If the Medical Examining Board denies the claim, the employee can ask for reconsideration. A Connecticut regulation provides that a claimant has one year to ask for reconsideration if there is a denial. This one- year period can be extended in certain circumstances. If a request for reconsideration is denied by the Medical Examining  Board, the Retirement Services Division will send a letter to the applicant stating, that since the Board maintained its denial of the claim, “…you have exhausted all of your rights to any future reconsideration through the Board.”  This is not necessarily accurate.  Zimberlin Law LLC has obtained additional reconsideration hearings for Connecticut state employees. Even if you have been denied twice by the Medical Examining Board, and you believe you are too disabled to do the job you had with the State of Connecticut, contact Zimberlin Law LLC and we will evaluate your case.


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