Connecticut State employees who are seeking a disability retirement will appear before a three person Medical Examining Board. One particular concern of Zimberlin Law LLC is the State’s lack of compliance with its own procedures which require it to identify the evidence which was used by the Medical Examining Board to make its decision. The State of Connecticut  isn’t listing the medical records the Board has looked at. The Retirement Services Division is required to identify those documents. We have found, on more than one occasion, that important medical documents which were submitted by the applicant to the Retirement Services Division never made it into the Medical Examining Board’s file. This leads to improper denials.  At an in-person hearing, the applicant’s attorney can check the physical file at the start of the hearing. The Retirement Services Division could alleviate this concern by providing an evidence list – something that other administrative agencies routinely do. This is, or should be, a simple matter. This simple step could help make the process a little fairer for disabled State employees.

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